Orthopedic Shoes ICD-10 Codes

Orthopedic Shoes help reduce foot issues when walking, running and standing. They are prescribed to patients who have diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and arthritis. When prescribing orthopedic shoes you can also get custom orthotics which are molded to your foot for extra comfort. 

Orthopedic ICD-10 Codes:

  • Orthopedic Footwear, Ladies shoe, depth inlay (L3216)
  • Foot, shoe molded to patient model Plastazote (or similar) custom fabricated each (L3252)
  • Orthopedic footwear, Men shoe (L3225)
  • Onychomycosis (B35.1)
  • Ingrown Right Hallux Toenail (L60.0)
  • Paronychia Right Hallux (L03.031)
  • Pain in right big toe (M79.674)
  • Pain in right toe(s) (M79.674)
  • Pain in left toe(s) (M79.675)
  • Hammertoe Deformity (M20.41,M20.42)
  • Xerosis Cutis of Skin (L85.3)
  • Paronychia Left Hallux (L03.032)
  • Ulcerative Hypertrophic/Hypekeratotic Lesions (L89.891)
  • Plantar Fascial Fibronatosis (M72.2)
  • Calaneal Spur (M77.30)

Diabetic Mellitus Shoes ICD-10 Codes:

  • Diabetic Shoes (A5500)
  • Diabetic Inserts (A5512)
  • Diabetic Mellitus Type 2 with Neuropathy (E11.42)
  • Diabetic with peripheral neuropathy (E11.40)